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making for your mind

Creative Community Assemble

Encouraging mental well-being through creativity.

Break the stigma, be the change.

2020 was a year like no other in so many different ways. And whilst we recognise that we were separated from those we love for the right reasons, it's easy to overlook the incredible toll it had/has on our own health and mental well being.

My MiniMakers page has always been important to me but I felt it was also important to give young people and young adults the platform to participate, engage and discuss the impact creativity can have, now more than ever. Therefore Making For Your Mind was created, to encourage others to find comfort in learning new skills or starting a new hobby.

The support from the makers community is constantly inspiring me to chase new opportunities and learn different skills, and I hope that some of you inspirational people would be able to act as role models for young people, as well as become advocates for positive mental health and well-being through creating and making.

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